Student Blogging Challenge Week 3 :Picture Prompts

Student Blogging Challenge Week 3 :Picture Prompts

FelixMittermeier / Pixabay

For the week 3 Student Blogging Challenge, I chose to complete task 5. I chose my image from Pixabay. I wrote the beginning of a story, and I would love it if you finished the story in my comments.

Sophia stared nervously out the spacecraft window. She couldn’t take her eyes off the red planet that she was getting ever closer too. She still couldn’t believe that it had been almost two years since she had been chosen to be a part of the ” Mission to Mars” program, and over 8 months since her feet had touched Earth’s soil. Now she and and the rest of the crew would be the first humans to set foot on mars. She was still intently staring into the void of space and didn’t notice her colleague Jason, enter the main bay.                                           “Only 21 hours left until we become history.” Jason said, startling Sophia. She drew in a long breath and quietly agreed.  Then remembered she needed to be at the controls when there were 10 hours left until landing.                                                                                                                                                                             ” I’ll be down in the controls at..” Sophia turned on her communication device, and a holographic screen displaying the time popped up.  ” 17:00 Earth time.” She concluded. Jason nodded and headed back to the Controls. Sophia knew that she should probably be rehearsing the steps for safely landing the spacecraft, but she couldn’t help but stare at the thousand of stars in the sky. Even though she had spent over 8 months staring out the plain glass window the stars always seemed to amaze her. Sophia gasped remembering that her NASA trainer told her that with a telescope she could see that Andromeda galaxy wonderfully from Mars. She rushed over to the observatory room and peered out the telescopic window.                                                                “Woah! It’s beautiful!” Sophia exclaimed, gazing at the Andromeda galaxy. She turned the telescope trying to take in all of the beauty of the stars, when she noticed a small sleek black object moving ever closer.                     ” What?” Sophia said questioningly. She quickly ran back to the regular window and could see the object perfectly fine.                                                                                                                                                                                 ” But..” Sophia stammered. ” It was with the Andromeda galaxy. Thats 770,000 parsecs away! I shouldn’t be able to move that fast!”  She watched in terror as the object got closer and closer. She knew that with the speed that the ship was traveling it would be here and moment but she couldn’t force herself to move. She only started half in amazement an half in terror at the object speeding toward her ship.

Thanks for reading my picture prompt story.I hope you enjoyed reading it. I would love for you to finish the story in my comments!


4 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge Week 3 :Picture Prompts

  1. Hi Ella,

    My name is Norah. I am a Student Blogging Challenge commenter.
    What an exciting story you have written about Sophie. How exciting to be one of the first to walk on Mars. That would be really something, wouldn’t it? I’m a bit worried about this object hurtling towards her spaceship though. I hope all her plans don’t end at once. Hopefully it’s just an asteroid that will miss her ship by a hair’s breadth and they’ll all be fine and continue with their journey.

  2. Hi Ella!!
    I really miss seeing you everyday at school, I hope you had an amazing Easter weekend!!
    I loved your story prompt, it had so much detail!

    “Jason!!” Sophia screamed in terror. “Look,” as she pointed to the racing, black, object coming at their ship at full speed.
    Jason quickly understood what was going on. “ASTEROID!!” He yelled at once.
    “Lock in your oxygen and put on your space suit!” Jason screamed at Sophia.
    Sophia did not need to be told twice. Rushing, Sophia successfully got her space suit on. She went to the front of the ship, where Jason was already pushing buttons and contacting space shuttles. “We need to change courses. Get as far as we can around it and pray that we still have a chance to make it to Mars alive.” Jason mumbled.
    They quickly strapped into their seats, the asteroid even closer now, in terror. Jason yelled, “Full speed in three, hand above the lever, two, asteroid only seconds away to hitting the scuttle, one!”

    I would love for anyone to finish this story that I started.
    How long did it take you to come up with that prompt? When you were writing this, what point in the future were you aiming for?
    I will be looking forward to your future posts!


    1. Hi Maggie!!!
      Thank you for commenting on my blog. I hope you had a good Easter too.
      Actually it didn’t take to long to come up with the prompt. I didn’t exactly determine at what point in the future this was set, but maybe around late 2000 or early 3000.

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