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Student Blogging Challenge Week 6: Sharing My School Day

Student Blogging Challenge Week 6: Sharing My School Day

For the sixth week of the student blogging challenge, I chose option two, and wrote about my school day. I wrote about my regular school day because it is much more organized than my remote learning is.

   About My School: I go to a 7th and 8th grade middle school building in Ohio. My middle school starts at 7: 55 and ends a 2:30

  Classes: At my school every student has a different schedule depending on what classes you are in. We switch classrooms for each subject. There are sometimes multiple teachers to one subject.

   Getting to school:  My mom always drives me to school in the morning since she works at the high school. I also like getting there early so I have time to grab everything form my locker before the buses arrive and I have time to talk with my friends.

  Choosing Classes: In 7th grade you can choose one elective to participate in. There is either choir, gym, gudied study, or band. Going into 7th grade I chose choir. In 8th grade you get to choose from choir, art, technology, band, or gudied study. I chose guided study for next years elective.

   Art/Technology: In 7th grade every student takes art for half of the year and technology for the 2nd term.

   The First Half Of My Day:  Once the bell rings, my first class is choir. Then I go onto science and then social studies. We have two minutes inbetween the bell to get to our classes. It almost takes me all two minutes to get from my choir class to my science class because I have to walk almost to the other side of the building. Luckily the social studies and science rooms are close to each other. After social studies I move onto lunch.

Lunch:  All the 7th graders have lunch together, and the 8th graders go to lunch a little after. We have time before and after lunch to grab our supplies from our lockers.

  The Second Half Of My Day:  During the first term I headed to art after lunch and during the second term I went to technology after lunch. After either art or technology  I went to language arts. The language arts and math classes are a little longer than the other classes so my language arts class switches a while after the bell rings. Once language arts is finished I head to math which is my last period of the day.

Clubs: This year every student chose a club they wanted to participate in. I chose home-ec. We met once a month for meetings. We didn’t get to have alot of meeting because of Covid-19 but we still got a make deserts for a few meetings.

Student Blogging Challenge Week 5: Plastic Pollution

Student Blogging Challenge Week 5: Plastic Pollution


WikiImages / Pixabay

As most of us know, Earth Day is quickly approaching. This April 22nd, will be the 50th anniversary celebrating Earth Day. Since Earth Day is so close, I decided to talk about the issue of plastic pollution. I chose plastic pollution because it has a major negative impact on the planet, especially for marine animals. Below I listed facts about the issue.

  •  About 8 million tons of plastic waste leak into the oceans from coastal nations each year.
  •  Millions of animals are killed by plastics every year.
  • Almost 700 species are known to have been affected by plastic pollution.
  • Most marine animal deaths are caused by entanglement in plastics, or of starvation, because the marine animal’s stomachs were full of plastics which reduces hunger.
  •  Over 100 marine species have been found with microplastics in them. These include the fish that humans will eventualy eat.
  •  Sometimes the plastic passing through an animal’s digestive system, can block digestive tracks or pierce organs.

Even though plastics are a part of everyday life, there are some things we can do to lower the amount of plastic pollution. You could use ceramic plates instead of plastics ones, and use metal utensils instead of plastic ones. Make sure you throw your trash away in a trash can, so it doesn’t get swept into a body of water. Use reusable grocery bags instead of the plastic ones, and lastly, use reusable container to carry food in.

I got my information from National Geographic.

Student Blogging Challenge Week 3 :Picture Prompts

Student Blogging Challenge Week 3 :Picture Prompts

FelixMittermeier / Pixabay

For the week 3 Student Blogging Challenge, I chose to complete task 5. I chose my image from Pixabay. I wrote the beginning of a story, and I would love it if you finished the story in my comments.

Sophia stared nervously out the spacecraft window. She couldn’t take her eyes off the red planet that she was getting ever closer too. She still couldn’t believe that it had been almost two years since she had been chosen to be a part of the ” Mission to Mars” program, and over 8 months since her feet had touched Earth’s soil. Now she and and the rest of the crew would be the first humans to set foot on mars. She was still intently staring into the void of space and didn’t notice her colleague Jason, enter the main bay.                                           “Only 21 hours left until we become history.” Jason said, startling Sophia. She drew in a long breath and quietly agreed.  Then remembered she needed to be at the controls when there were 10 hours left until landing.                                                                                                                                                                             ” I’ll be down in the controls at..” Sophia turned on her communication device, and a holographic screen displaying the time popped up.  ” 17:00 Earth time.” She concluded. Jason nodded and headed back to the Controls. Sophia knew that she should probably be rehearsing the steps for safely landing the spacecraft, but she couldn’t help but stare at the thousand of stars in the sky. Even though she had spent over 8 months staring out the plain glass window the stars always seemed to amaze her. Sophia gasped remembering that her NASA trainer told her that with a telescope she could see that Andromeda galaxy wonderfully from Mars. She rushed over to the observatory room and peered out the telescopic window.                                                                “Woah! It’s beautiful!” Sophia exclaimed, gazing at the Andromeda galaxy. She turned the telescope trying to take in all of the beauty of the stars, when she noticed a small sleek black object moving ever closer.                     ” What?” Sophia said questioningly. She quickly ran back to the regular window and could see the object perfectly fine.                                                                                                                                                                                 ” But..” Sophia stammered. ” It was with the Andromeda galaxy. Thats 770,000 parsecs away! I shouldn’t be able to move that fast!”  She watched in terror as the object got closer and closer. She knew that with the speed that the ship was traveling it would be here and moment but she couldn’t force herself to move. She only started half in amazement an half in terror at the object speeding toward her ship.

Thanks for reading my picture prompt story.I hope you enjoyed reading it. I would love for you to finish the story in my comments!


Christmas Story

Christmas Story

 A snowy Christmas 

Couleur / Pixabay
ArieDordrecht / Pixabay

Bianca  walked swiftly out her door toward the woods. She stopped cold in her tracks when the freezing air hit her. She lightly bit her lip, adjusted her hat and then  headed off into the woods. She walked quietly along the snow covered path. With only the blowing of the wind and the crunch of the snow beneath her feet, she headed toward the small log cabin. She walked up to the blue door, which she had painted with her mom last year, and fumbled in her pocket for keys. She went entered  the cabin heading straight for the rusty colored closet door. She grabbed a saw from off the shelf. She checked to make sure it would be sharp enough to cut a tree down then gave herself a slight nod of affirmation before heading outside. Back into the snow. She say sauntered off to the back of the cabin to grab her sleigh. After she went back inside to grab hand warmers she joined the snowy path again and headed off deeper in to the wood.

Even though it wasn’t snowing, the white flakes fell off the trees onto Bianca. It was already starring to get dark outside even though it was only five o’clock. The amount of daylight in Vermont was normally short in the winter. As Bianca wandered deeper into the forest she started looking for the perfectChristmas tree. She wanted to find the perfect tree for her mom, but was also trying to hurry, so she could beat her mom home and surprise her with the tree. Her mom always worried about her even though Bianca was 14, and quite capable of taking care of herself. She was shook out of her thoughts by a loud screech overhead. She quickly jerked her head upward to see the snowy owl flying over her head. She smiled at the owl, even though she was actually still startled from her scare. Just as soon as she stopped she headed off back on the trail. She soon came to a clearing with tons of pine trees. Bianca walked around checking all the trees. After a a couple minutes she came upon a small pine tree. She nodded her head as she declared  ” This one.” She was sweating and panting by the time she finished chopping down the tree and dragging the tree onto the sleigh. Bianca wiped her brow and looked up at the snow falling down as she started pulling the tree back to her house. She was baffled when she spotted a snowy owl perched in an old pine tree staring down at her. She gave the owl an confused smile as she shook her head and focused on pulling the tree.

As she broke the line of trees and saw her house in the distance she broke out in a jog. She didn’t know how long she had been gone but she knew her mom would be coming home soon. If her mom wasn’t already home now.She gave a sigh of relief as she saw that her mom’s car was still gone. She still had time. When she reached her house she took a minute to catch her breath then swiftly headed inside to grab the tree stand. After she spent forever trying to drag the tree inside her house she went downstairs to grab their ornaments. She almost dropped the box of ornaments when she heard a loud gasp come from upstairs. She hurried upstairs to find her mom in awe, staring at the tree. Bianca smiled a giant braces filled smile as her mom turned around and embraced her in a hug.” B, did do all this.” her mom asked. “yeah,but it’s no big deal. I just wanted us to have a Christmas tree.” Bianca replied. ” Shall we fetch the ornaments to put on the tree?” Bianca’s mom playfully asked. “Of course!” Bianca concurred.

Week 7 Challenge: Family Celebrations

Week 7 Challenge: Family Celebrations

For the week 7 blogging challenge I choose to complete task one. I made a list of holidays, and the things my family and I do for the holidays.I used google slides to make my list. If you have any different holiday traditions you would like to share I would love to hear them in my comments.


Week 4 Challenge: Book Recommendations

Week 4 Challenge: Book Recommendations

For my week 4 blogging  challenge I decided to write about some of my favorite books.

          1. The Glass Sentence: This is my favorite book that I have read this year! The beginning may be a little bit boring but keep reading it turns in to an amazing book, that will keep you on your toes and make you think back to the beginning to solve the mystery

           2. Matched: This book is part of a trilogy. If you like dystopian books than this is the book for you. You better be in the reading mood because all of these books end on cliff hangers that make you want to start the next book right away.

          3. Uglies: This is one of my favorite series. There are four books in the series and like the book Matched they all end on cliffhangers and are dystopian books. I have read all four books but I have heard rumors that there might be a fifth book.

          4. The War That Saved My Life: This book is probably for kids slightly younger than me about ages 10-12 but it is a fantastic book about the life of a young girl during World War 2.Most of my friends have read it and they all agree that it is a wonderful book.

           5. Insignificant Events In The Life Of A Cactus: This book is very motivational and might even make you want to not have arms. All my friends have read this book and said so many good things about it that I decided to read it and it became one of my favorite books of all time.

          6. StarGirl: This book is an absolute must read! This book will make you want to embrace your weird and wacky side and be yourself.

          7. Harry Potter: To be honest I have never read this series before but one of my best friends always says how good it is. From what I have heard the book has a lot more details than the movie and is totally worthwhile reading.

          8. Origin: This book will keep your mind on point trying to solve the mystery.

          9. A Million Ways Home: I read this book in 6th grade and absolutely loved it ( I have read it twice in the past year). It does have sad parts though and you are always screaming at the main character to do something or not to do something.

           10. A Series Of Unfortunate Events: I haven’t actually read this series, but some of my friends have and they always rave about how good of a book it is. I have seen the Netflix series though and it is a very sad series.




My Avatar

My Avatar

                           My avatar                                                                                                                   I created my avatar to represent me. This avatar represents me from the way the facial features look and the way the  hair looks. My avatar represents me from my facial features because I have blue eyes, brown eyebrows and light pink lips. The skin tone also closely matches my own.  The hair color and style I chose for my avatar represents me where as I have short blonde hair. I created my avatar to look like me. I chose the Cartoonify Website to create my avatar from.


About Me

About Me

About Me Page

Name: Ella

Age: 15

Favorite color: lime green

Sports: I run cross country and track and field.

Favorite food: Almost any pasta dish

Favorite non American cuisine: I LOVE Japanese food!

Favorite movie studios: Ghibli Studios

Favorite movie: Miss congeniality

Favorite TV show: Any type of baking show, Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, and Miraculous

Favorite subject: Science

Hobbies: I have lots of hobbies that include biking, roller blading, baking, reading and playing piano.

Favorite app: Pinterest, this is my absolute favorite app of all time, it is amazing!!

If I Could Travel Anywhere: France or New Zealand

Favorite animal: My favorite animal would probably have to be Quokka. I’ve never seen one in person but they look so cute in pictures.

Favorite book series: Percy Jackson and The Lunar Chronicles

Favorite book: The Book Thief

Favorite Poem: Ugly

Book or movie: Book

Favorite music style: 80’s music and K-pop

My top favorite songs: Teeth, Victorious, My Ordinary Life, Montero, and No Roots.

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